Friday, July 29, 2011

Color me happy!

Most of the people have their favorite color. Some even have more than one favorite color. Red, pink, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, etc.... Other stick to black, white, gray or neutrals. Colors can influence our daily life, our actions and emotions, without us even noticing. Let me tell you how!


Red is the color of the fearless. It is a symbol of courage and power. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. When you’re wearing red, your enthusiasm, confidence and energy jumps high, and you’re ready to go after your dreams, and beat whatever stands in your way! 


This is the color of love, combining the potential for fullness of the white, and red’s strength to achieve that potential. If you’re having a crazy day, wear some deep pink/magenta, to neutralize disorder and provide you with relaxation and calm feelings, or choose to wear soft pink to promote love and beauty

If you’d like to evoke some feelings of excitement and fun, spice up things and wake up your creative side, choose orange! I read somewhere, that if you need any change in your life, light up an orange candle for 7 nights, and the change will come. You might want to try that, too!

Yellow is the attention grabbing color. If you are wearing this color, people will notice you no matter what!  It symbolizes wisdom, happiness and joy, so go ahead and grab some yellow if you need some clarity for that important decision you need to make, or protection from nervousness, exhaustion and lethargy. Being surrounded with or wearing yellow, will make your memory sharper, and improve your concentration!

Fresh and healthy color. A symbol of learning, growth and harmony and a favorite color of well balanced people. Should you be in the need of a fresh state of mind, or you feel the need for growth on any level, go with green! Since this color is attracting prosperity and wealth, you might make some money just by stepping outside in a beautiful green maxi skirt, like the one above!

This color evokes feelings of calm, security, trust and dependability. Choose to put some blue in your life, if you need some peace or if you need to have an important conversation with ...hmmm, maybe your boyfriend, since this color opens the flow of communication and can help you get him to listen to you more than 2 minutes, and actually be involved in the conversation!

If I had a favorite color (which I don’t, because I love them all), purple would be my favorite! Since this may seem a bit contradictory, let’s just say, I love purple a bit more than the other colors. They say that this is a color of good judgement, and if you wear it you’ll be able to maximize the potential of your imagination, remove obstacles and generally feel fabulous! 


White is the color of purity, and represents openness, truth and completion. It is a good choice when you need a fresh beginning or development in any direction. Definitely choose this color for your wedding dress, or spend the summer in a white dress such as one of the gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana’s you can see here, if you are turning a page in your career, relationships, or just because!

I hear black, I see power, high-class, sophistication, luxury and elegance. When I have no idea what to wear, I put on a little black dress from Sisley, I got so many years ago in London, add some jewelry, and voilĂ : I feel like I am on top of the world. I am pretty sure you have one (or more) of those in your closet, that always save you at the last moment. Wear it to open the door of the mystery!

What color are you wearing today?

{Images: (1) Red (2) Red (3) Pink (4) Pink (5) Orange (6) Orange (7) Yellow (8) Green (9) Blue (10) Purple (11) White (12) White (13) Black}



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‘’DANCE- as though no one is watching you. LOVE - as though you have never been hurt before. SING - as though no one can hear you. LIVE - as though heaven is on Earth.’’ - Audrey Hepburn


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